Thursday, October 28, 2004

Week 23 - Scary movies.

It's that scary time of year again. Halloween. With that in mind...

1) What's your favorite scary movie?

2) Are you more into the lame scary movies that make you laugh, or the straight up - scare the bejesus out of you - scary movies?

3) Scary movies - best viewed alone? Or with a crowd?

BONUS) You've parked your behind on the couch for a marathon of scary movies. What 5 scary movies are on your list?


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Week 22 - The President of the United States

Well, the US presidential election is almost here. Through cinematic history, there've been a number of movies where the POTUS has been a major or featured character - The American President, Air Force One, Independence Day, just to name a few recent ones.

1) Which fictional movie president would you most like to see sitting in the White House?

2) Do you think the movies accurately portray the circumstances surrounding the life of the US President?

3) A number of TV shows recently have featured the POTUS as a main character (The West Wing, 24). Would you accept any of them as the real US President?

BONUS) What actor (or actress!) would you like to get the chance to play a US President on screen?

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Week 21 - Movie-Going Habits

So you're going to the movies. We know all about which ones you like, which ones you don't like, your criticisms, your raves, your rants....

Eh. Let's get to the real stuff. What are your movie-going habits?

1) Do you go to the movies alone or with friends/family? Do you know exactly what movie you're going to see before you get there, or do you stand for 30 minutes outside the box office trying to decide between Pauly Shore and Meryl Streep?

2) When you go to the movies, do you usually buy:
a) Popcorn? What do you put on it?
b) Cokes? What's your favorite?
c) Candy? What gets stuck most in your teeth?
d) Other (hot dog, nachos, sushi)?

3) Do you like it load and raucous in the theatre, or do you immediately stuff crying babies in the nearest waste can? Do you talk back to the screen and interact with the movie, or do you sink way down in your seat and just experience it?

BONUS) What's your favorite, most memorable movie-going experience? What experience almost (or maybe did) make you vow never to darken the door of a cineplex again?

Remember, silence all cell phones, pagers, and electronic devices while answering this quiz. And NO SMOKING!!! (water gun effect)

Leave a link to your site or your answers in the comments.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Week 20 - Football Films.

Friday Night Lights opens this weekend in theaters. So this week it's all about Football.

1) What's your favorite football movie?

2) Do you think films accurately portray foootball players?

3) What football movie was so bad, so far fetched, so poorly acted, or so over dramatized that it was painful to watch?

BONUS) If you were making a football film, what actor would you want to portray your star quarterback? The coach?