Thursday, September 30, 2004

Week 19 - Disney Films

Everyone can commence to be jealous - Barry & la famille are going to Walt Disney World this weekend! Hopefully the rides will be more exciting than the weather....

This week we have a Mickey Mouse Movie Meme - all about Disney films.

1) What is your favorite Disney film? If it's animated, what's your favorite live action film?

2) What Disney character is your favorite, and why? Which character do you think is overrated and/or overused? (they don't have to be animated characters)

3) Why do you think the Disney appeal has endured so long and been so influential in American film and culture?

BONUS) If you were Walt Disney and you suddenly came back from the dead (or got unfrozen, or had your head reattached, or whatever), what would be your impressions of what the company has made since you "died" (in 1966)?

Wish upon a star, and give the right answers!

Leave a link to your site, or post your answers in a comment...