Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Week 7 - Superheroes

Ok, this is the week a lot of you have been waiting on. Spiderman 2 opens, and the web-slinger (who in reality would have no shot at Kirsten Dunst) swings back into action against the evil Doc Ock. This week, our questions are about those quintessentially misunderstood, ill-treated, feared and respected champions of truth, justice and the Spandex Way: the Superheroes.

1) All right, have it out. What is the all-time greatest superhero movie?

2) What superhero movie has not been made that you'd like to see? Which existing one would you have redone from scratch?

3) What qualities would be necessary to elevate a superhero movie from a simple action film to a memorable motion picture? Is it possible?

BONUS) Most superhero movies take place in a more-or-less realistic modern world. If a superhero actually appeared in your city today and started fighting crime, what would be the actual public reaction?

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And remember, EXCELSIOR!